Capsules for Twist

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Package content: 2 pieces

The original cleaning tablet for Tadpole Twist, specially dedicated to give your toilet a deeper cleaning.

The Tadpole cleaning tablet fits into the silicone brush head of your Tadpole Twist. In addition to the silicone blades, the Tadpole cleaning tablet works with the Twist to ensure that your toilet stays clean.

A protective film wraps the tablet so that you can hold it while you place it in the Tadpole Twist. If you flush the toilet with the new tablet in place, the protective film dissolves and begins to clean your toilet. Each time you flush, you will dissolve part of the tablet, adding our specially formulated soap to your toilet bowl, allowing you to thoroughly clean your toilet every time.

Each Tadpole cleaning tablet lasts 25 days, or 250 rinses. In addition, there is an option on our website to purchase a Tadpole Cleaning tablet subscription, to ensure you never miss each cleaning.

Our Tadpole Cleaning Tablets and the Tadpole Twists design mean you’ll never have to buy conventional toilet deodorizers again. The problem with traditional non-liquid toilet cleaning products is that once they have been used, you are unable to replace the detergent, which means the plastic wrap they use is discarded. Excessive use of plastic and non-recyclable plastics is becoming increasingly problematic as more and more plastics end up in landfills and in our oceans where they will never biodegrade. By using the Tadpole Twist, you can keep your toilets clean while reducing your impact on our environment.

The original cleaning tablet – To be used with the Tadpole Twist
Refill of two bio-degradable cleaning tablets.

  • Bleach free
  • Phosphate free
  • Helping to keep our waterways cleaner
  • Magnificent and fresh fragrance.
  • Continually kills bacteria


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