ECOWAY cleaning products®

are developed thanks to exclusive registered biotechnological processes, for a total respect of Man and the environment. They contain biosurfactants – surfactants of biotechnological origin – and microorganisms selected for their properties of digestion of organic matter.
RENCONTRONS NOUS, Christophe Guigner on lfm TV.

We have no more excuses:

0 risk for all living beings,

0 risk for the environment,

350 to 500 times more efficient than

chemical cleaners

To participate in the safeguard of our planet, take advantage of our launching offer

Complete kit for a perfect and ecological cleaning of your home:

  • AliWay (750ml) – “Degreasing” kitchen
  • Nat’San (750ml) – Sanitary “Descaling & Disinfecting” product
  • WinWay (750ml) – “Glass & Smooth Surfaces” Surfaces
  • MultiWay (1litre) – “Degreasing” floors

CHF 46.95 instead of CHF 62.60or 25% discount!

Take advantage of!!

Your benefits


    Biosurfactants are up to 500 times more effective than surfactants of petrochemical or plant origin.


    The health of users and users is preserved. More comfort of use: no irritating fumes, no special equipment required (gloves, masks, etc.), pleasant and persistent fragrances.


    No release of polluting products into water or air. Eco-designed products, 100% recyclable packaging. The products of the ECOWAY® range are concentrated and therefore consume less water and energy.