Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between "ecological" and "biotechnological"?

These are two complementary concepts. Our products are both ecological – safe for the environment – AND biotechnological: the active substances (micro-organisms and biosurfactants) are derived from living organisms.

How are ECOWAY® products different from other green cleaning products?

Ecological does not mean risk-free and does not necessarily mean effective. ECOWAY® combines ecology AND absence of risk labelling. Its effectiveness is boosted by biosurfactants that are up to 500 times more effective than petrochemical or vegetable surfactants.

How are ECOWAY® products different from other biotechnological cleaning products?

We identify, select and cultivate the most efficient microorganisms ourselves. We “breed” them as top-level athletes: optimization of growing conditions and ideal nutrition rich in trace elements!<br>
Thanks to our exclusive processes, we produce biosurfactants or develop “bacteria cocktails” composed of different strains of micro-organisms acting in synergy. They feed on organic matter present in the environment to be treated: surfaces, toilets, pipes, septic tanks, etc.

How are ECOWAY® products different from products containing enzymes?

It’s very simple to understand: enzymes are produced by specific microorganisms. They are tools that “break” and break down dirt and grease. In some of our formulations, we find these specific enzyme-producing microorganisms. Thus, your maintenance product deploys the enzymes necessary for the degradation of dirt and grease autonomously for a tenfold increase in efficiency.

What are biosurfactants?

They are ecological surfactants (or surfactants) of 100% natural and biodegradable biotechnological origin. They are produced by certain strains of specific microorganisms. Biosurfactants are up to 500 times more effective than surfactants of petrochemical or plant origin.

What happens to the bacteria after cleaning?

They are transformed into simple elements: water, mineral salts,…

Bacteria are disgusting!

Nefasts, carriers of diseases, dirty, frightening, hairy and repulsive… Bacteria have bad press! We know them poorly: a very large majority are beneficial or even essential to our survival, while only a few dozen species among thousands are pathogenic.