Auto CleanWay+

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A powerful formula enriched with active ingredients, ideal for your difficult floors: porous, aging or very dirty floors. Contains biosurfactants.

  • Extra-powerful degreaser thanks to its even more concentrated active ingredients.
  • Ideal for difficult floors
  • Adapted foaming power
  • Eliminates bad smells
  • Economic
  • Machine circuits always clean. No soiling
  • Perfume of cleanliness


  • communities, industry, public places, medical environment, tertiary sector, etc.

Biosurf process®

Selection of the most efficient microorganisms for the production of ultra-efficient surfactants that are 100% natural and biodegradable: biosurfactants. Up to 500 times more powerful than surfactants of petrochemical or vegetable origin, they boost the effectiveness of our formulas.

Ready to use – pH 10.5


ECOLABEL – The European label

« The flower” is the fruit of collaboration between the countries of the European Union. This label is recognized worldwide. Like the French NF ENVIRONNEMENT label, it guarantees that the product has a reduced impact on the environment while being at least as effective as similar non-labelled products.
The many draconian criteria for obtaining the ECOLABEL examine the entire life cycle of the product:

  • Manufacturing : choice of raw materials and packaging.
  • Distribution.
  • Usage: the product should, for example, require less water, energy or consumables.
  • Disposal: recycling or reuse of packaging, preparation of waste or effluents to biodegradation.

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