Brush WC Twist

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TadPole Twist, the toilet brush reinvented. Technology, innovation and novelty affect many areas, but there is one that hasn’t necessarily followed the trend of all this renewal: bathroom accessories and especially the toilet brush.


5 obvious advantages

Discover here all the innovative advantages of the new TadPole Twist toilet brush.


  • The brush that doesn’t come out of the bowl
    The TadPole Twist is already in place in the bowl and will never be removed from the bowl. Ready to use and regularly rinsed, it does not require a bulky and unsightly holder.
  • The brush that never drips
    Placed directly in the toilet bowl, the TadPole Twist does not drop drops on your bathroom floor. There is no need to switch from a stand to the toilet bowl, TadPole Twist is already in place and already cleaned (no bacteria nest).
  • The brush that doesn’t stick
    Thanks to its interchangeable silicone brush, the TadPole Twist does not cling to materials or toilet paper.
  • The two-in-one brush
    The TadPole Twist and its silicone tip also forms a very practical receptacle for cleaning tablets. Placed directly in the bowl, this holder will ensure cleanliness and freshness for a whole month.
  • The brush with an innovative design
    TadPole Twist, a patented system, is also an English creation combining design and practicality. This makes it an object that can be easily integrated into all types of bathrooms.

The right brush for every toilet bowl

Solidly built and made of modern materials,

TadPole Twist fits all bowl rim widths. Thanks to its reinforced metal support, it can be stored and put back in place after use in a few seconds. The compact design of the Tadpole Twist allows it to be discreet in your bathroom. The compact design of the Tadpole Twist allows it to be discreet in your bathroom. The shape of the brush head allows it to access under the rim, around the toilet bowl and even in hard-to-reach places. In addition, the integrated cleaning tablet Tadpole kills bacteria, allowing you to clean your toilet thoroughly.

Easily accessible from the toilet bowl, Twist adapts to the rim of your toilet thanks to its retractable arm, allowing it to be properly attached to your toilet. At Tadpole, we have tested over 120 different toilets to ensure that our reinvented design will work in your home.

After 9 years of in-depth research and development, our Tadpole team has created the Twist. The solution: a toilet brush that never leaves the toilet. The Tadpole Twist has set itself the goal of changing the major problems of conventional toilet brushes. Initially, we wanted a toilet brush that could never leave the toilet, so that water would no longer run off the floor. Keeping the brush head in the toilet prompted us to form a new style of brush head. The use of high quality silicone blades meant that dirt could not hide, by infusing the silicone with an antibacterial agent and coating it with a dirt repellent; this allowed our brush to self-clean with each flush. The new design allowed us to incorporate another aspect of what we wanted to achieve, the addition of a cleaning tablet. Conventional toilet cleaning systems are packaged in plastic that must be discarded after each use. With Twist, the cleaning tablet can be easily replaced after about 25 days, which means that we no longer need to throw away these plastic cases. Let’s think about our oceans.


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