CarWay Fresh

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Long-lasting effectiveness thanks to a complex of essential oils combined with the power of biosurfactants. Exotic, soft and warm tiare flower fragrance.

  • Immediately eliminates bad smells
  • Perfumes pleasantly and durably
  • Effective on tobacco odors
  • Perfume of the Islands


  • public places, automotive professionals, mechanical workshops and garages, etc.

Biosurf process®

Selection of the most efficient microorganisms for the production of ultra-efficient surfactants that are 100% natural and biodegradable: biosurfactants. Up to 500 times more powerful than surfactants of petrochemical or vegetable origin, they boost the effectiveness of our formulas.

Ready to use – pH 5.6


CHEB process®

CHEB® uses a complex and powerful “alloy” of essential oils selected for their degreasing and cleansing properties. This high-precision water-soluble alloy combined with other active components such as biosurfactants offers a highly effective ecological alternative to chemical detergents and solvents.


Keep the sprayer or dispenser and next time order only the refill in the container of your choice!

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750ml & Pulvérisateur, 750ml recharge


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