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Exceptional formula: without alcohol or ammonia, combining essential oils and ultra-efficient biosurfactants with strong wetting power. ECOCERT certified product.

  • Cleans very effectively all smooth surfaces
  • Dries quickly and streak-free even in the sun.
  • Ideal for screens
  • With essential oils


  • CHR, local authorities, nurseries and schools, medical environment, automotive professionals, tertiary sector, etc.


Biosurf process®

Selection of the most efficient microorganisms for the production of ultra-efficient surfactants that are 100% natural and biodegradable: biosurfactants. Up to 500 times more powerful than surfactants of petrochemical or vegetable origin, they boost the effectiveness of our formulas.

CHEB process®

CHEB® uses a complex and powerful “alloy” of essential oils selected for their degreasing and cleansing properties. This high-precision water-soluble alloy combined with other active components such as biosurfactants offers a highly effective ecological alternative to chemical detergents and solvents.

Ready to use – pH 7.8


ECOCERT – natural or nothing

Extremely restrictive, this strict label exclusively certifies products whose components and packaging have an environmental impact close to zero. It requires for the raw materials used as well as for the finished product:

  • maximum biodegradability,
  • near-zero toxicity.

The perfumes are imperatively of natural origin and a very great majority of the molecules of synthesis (for example dyes) are prohibited.


Keep the sprayer or dispenser and next time order only the refill in the container of your choice!

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5L, 750ml & Pulvérisateur, 750ml recharge


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